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High Quality Composite and uPVC Doors

After you return home from work on an evening, all you want to do is close out the outside world and relax in the comfort of your own home. With high quality doors from Wardley Hall Windows & Conservatories Ltd, you can quite literally close the door on a bad day and prepare to start again in the morning. You can visit in our showroom to view the range of doors we have available. 

Rockdoor - the door that beats the bobbies

Rockdoor is a solid purchase with stability in mind and Wardley Hall Windows & Conservatories Ltd are a Trusted Rockdoor installer. With front and back door options available, if you’re looking for a door that places safety and security as the highest priority, then this is the one for you.<br><br>

A good door is worth investing in – local police struggled to break in to a Rockdoor with their battering ram which shows you the quality of the materials used. To see our range, get in touch with the team in Manchester today.


Safeguard Composite Doors

Safeguard composite doors have an unrivalled position in the industry for their high quality, amazing thermal performance and outstanding security. All doors are regularly tested to help ensure that they remain ahead of all current methods of forced entry and are supplied with police approved multipoint locks and cylinders.

Safeguard doors have been designed to provide your home with great kerb appeal, while delivering outstanding thermal and security performance.

SensCheck™ Door and Window Sensors

Is my home safe and secure?

Know the answer, at home or away with Yale SensCheckTM Door and Window Sensors.

Yale SensCheckTM Sensors put you in control of your home security. Monitor the status of your doors and windows from anywhere at any time via the Yale Smart Living Home App. Receive notifications and tamper alerts straight to your smartphone,or chime notifications when the status or your door or windows change.

Yale SensCheckTM. It just makes sense.

UPVC Doors​

High quality uPVC doors using the Profile 22 system with multipoint claw locking system and Yale 3 Star cylinders.  uPVC doors are available in various colours.